Airports and Infrastructure Make New Philadelphia Easily Accessible for Businesses 

New Philadelphia’s accessibility is quick and convenient, located right in the heartland of America with easy access to most North American markets. To expedite product shipments and supply deliveries, the interstate highway system runs right though our city, plus we have a collection of well-maintained rail lines and nearby airline services.

Akron Canton AirportOur own city airport, Harry Clever Field, is capable of handling light aircraft.  Akron/Canton Regional Airport is just over 30-minutes, door-to-door.  Akron/Canton Regional provides direct flights to many major US airports and connecting flights to anywhere in the world. The airport continues to grow strategically, with CAK 2018, a $110 million capital improvement program, incorporating 10 vital projects including a major runway expansion and a new customs and border patrol facility to accommodate international flights. Within a 90-minute drive are international airports in Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Columbus.