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Professional Engineering Services
Harry Clever Field (PHD) New Philadelphia, Ohio
The City of New Philadelphia intends to select a consultant to assist in airport development projects. Interested consulting firms are requested to submit three (3) Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) to City of New Philadelphia, 150 East High Avenue, New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663 no later than Friday, December 9, 2022 at 1:00 PM. The SOQ should demonstrate the consultants' interest in providing airport Aviation Planning Services, Architectural/Engineering Services for Airport Development Projects, and construction administration services focused on New Philadelphia's current Five-Year Airport Capital Improvement Plan (ACIP). Service will included but not limited to general consulting and advisement on airport development issues including assistance in the following
projects are expected to receive funding in part by grants from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Office of Aviation at ODOT.
See Exhibit A for the breakdown:
-The selected firm will enter into a five-year contract (FY2023-FY2027) with the City of New Philadelphia
-The selected firm will be subject to State and Federal requirements.
-Revisions or additions to the development items may occur as determined by the City of New Philadelphia.
-The City reserves the right to initiate additional procurement action for any services included in this procurement, but not under contract.
-Be advised that the work may be accomplished during the course of multiple grants
Three (3) copies of SOQ, including a letter of interest, shall be submitted in 8-1/2 X 11 bound format containing no more than twenty (20) pages, not including separation/index pages or cover. The statement shall contain the following information in the order listed below. The selection will be based in part, on the guidelines set forth in the FAA Advisory Circular No. 150/5100-14E (Architectural, Engineering, and Planning Consultant Services for Airport Grant Projects) and the following criteria:
City of New Philadelphia - Service Directors Office
150 East High Avenue – Suite 200 - New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663
Phone 330-364-4491 X1242 - Fax 330-339-3823
A. Transmittal Letter
B. Firm's recent experience in comparable airport projects within the past 5 years
C. Professional background, caliber, and quotations of key personnel
D. Firm's demonstrated understanding of the projects potential problems and the sponsor's special concerns
E. Firm's demonstrated ability and capacity to meet schedules and deadlines
F. Degree of interest shown by firm in undertaking the project
G. Quality of projects previously undertaken by the firm
H. Firm's familiarity with Harry Clever Field (PHD) New Philadelphia, Ohio
I. Provide three (3) aviation client references of projects completed in the last three (3) years
J. Provide associations and/or organizations your firm is affiliated with -Please explain the importance as it relates to perform services listed in the RFQ.
A Selection Committee will evaluate each SOQ submitted. Subsequent to evaluations the committee will select the best qualified firms. Negotiations will be conducted with the highest-ranking firm to obtain a mutually satisfactory agreement. Should negotiations with the first consultant fail to produce an agreement, the Authority will negotiate for an agreement with the second qualified consultant and so on until a mutually satisfactory agreement is obtained.
The City of New Philadelphia reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Statement of Qualifications.
The City of New Philadelphia will afford minority and women owned businesses equal opportunity to submit qualifications and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion or national origin in compliance with Title 49, Part 23 and 26, Code of Federal Regulations.
Anyone having questions related to this SOQ should contact Ron McAbier, Service Director, City of New Philadelphia at 330-364-4491 X1242.

Advertised: Nov 9 2022 thru Dec 9th 2022 @ 1pm, 2022                           


Ordinance NO. 133.05

(a) If the City of New Philadelphia is required by law, ordinance or resolution to award a contract to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, a bidder on the contract shall be considered responsive if his proposal responds to bid specifications in all material respects and contains no irregularities or deviations from the specifications which would affect the amount of the bid or otherwise give the bidder a competitive advantage. The factors that the City shall consider in determining whether a bidder on the contract is responsible include the experience of the bidder, his financial condition, his conduct and performance on previous contracts, his facilities, his management skills, and his ability to execute the contract properly. An apparent low bidder found not to be responsive and responsible shall be notified by the City of New Philadelphia of that finding and the reasons for it in writing and by certified mail.

(b) Where the City of New Philadelphia determines to award a contract to a bidder other than the apparent low bidder or bidders for the construction, reconstruction, improvement, enlargement, alteration, repair, painting or decoration of public improvements, it shall meet with the apparent low bidder or bidders upon a filing of a timely written protest. The protest must be received within five days of the notification required in subsection (a) hereof. No final award shall be made until the City of New Philadelphia either affirms or reverses its earlier determination.

Notwithstanding any other provisions of the Revised Code, the procedure described in this division is not subject to Ohio R.C. Chapter 119.

(c) The policy stated in subsection (a) hereof, is hereby enacted in accordance with Ohio R.C. 9.312.

(Ord. 28-91. Passed 4-8-91.)