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Many of the documents and forms you might need can be found in our document library. If you do not see what you are looking for, please email or call 330-364-4491.

Auditor's & Treasurer's Office

FY 2015 Audited Financial Statements

FY 2016 Audited Financial Statements

FY 2017 Audited Financial Statements

FY 2018 Audited Financial Statements

FY 2019 Audited Financial Statements

FY 2020 Audited Financial Statements

Building Permits

Access Management Regulations

Application for New Address

Building Permit Information Packet

Developers, Contractors and Homebuilders Guide

Flood Hazard Application

Permit Fees

Sidewalk Replacement Program Application 2021

Tree Brochure


New Philadelphia Business and Lifestyle Advantages 2021


Cemetery Lot Transfer

Cemetery Map: East Avenue & Evergreen

Cemetery Map: Fair Avenue

Cemetery Map: Schoenbrunn Meadows Phase 1

New Philadelphia Cemeteries Rules and Regulations

City Council

Complete Codified Ordinances

Ward Map

Community Profile

2015 Demographic Profile Information

New Philadelphia Business and Lifestyle Advantages 2021

COVID-19 and Vaccine Information

ODH Directors Stay at Home Order

Economic Development

Comprehensive Plan - City of New Philadelphia 1967

Harry Clever Field Airport (PHD) Master Plan Update 2018

New Philadelphia Business and Lifestyle Advantages 2021

Employment Application Policy

Employment Application

Environmental Health Programs

Food Service Operation / Retail Food Establishment Application

FSO / RFE Plan Review Application

FSO / RFE Plan Review Process Information

FSO / RFE Plan Review Summary Information

FSO / RFE Temporary Application Packet

FSO / RFE Vending Application

ODH Private Water System Applic

ODH Sewage Contractor Bond Form

ODH Sewage Contractor Info Form

ODH Sewage Treatment System Abandonment

ODH Sewage Treatment System Install~Alter Applic

Sewage Installer/Hauler/Service Provider Applic

Soil Boring / Geoprobe / Monitoring Well / Geothermal Application

Soil Boring/Geoprobe -- Proper Filling of Boreholes

General Services/Streets

Ordinance 971 Garbage & Rubbish Collection

Health Department

2018 New Philadelphia City Health Dept Annual Report

2019 New Philadelphia City Health Dept Annual Report

Community Health Improvement Plan 2019-2022

Community Health Status Assessment 2018

NPCHD Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Tuscarawas County Communicable Disease Report 2020

History of New Phila

1911 Property Owners by Street/Lot Number

Bicentennial Celebration Historical Picture Book

Historical Formation of Tuscarawas County, Ohio

New Philadelphia Plan – 1813

Walking Tour of Historic New Philadelphia

Income Tax

2014 General Income Tax Form

2015 General Income Tax Form

2016 General Income Tax Form

2017 General Income Tax Form

2018 General Income Tax Form

2019 General income Tax Form

2020 Employer Monthly Withholding Forms

2020 Employer Quarterly Withholding Forms

2020 Estimated Payment Forms

2020 General Income Tax Form

2020 Non Resident Refund Form

2021 Employer Monthly Withholding Forms

2021 Employer Quarterly Withholding Forms

2021 Estimated Payment Forms

Business Questionnaire

Mapping Services

Beaverdam Creek LOMR Dated 11-29-2019

Cemetery Maps

Central Business Parking

Establishment of a Floodway Along Beaverdam Creek

Flood Insurance Rate Map 2010

Historical Subdivision Map

Road Map

School Zones Map

Snow Emergency Routes

Trash Route Map

Ward Map

Zone Map

Mayor's Office

Access Management Regulations

Alley Vacation Procedure

Annexation Information Expedited Procedure

Annexation Information Standard Procedure

Application for Garage Sale Permit

Solicitors Permit Application

State of the City Report

Subdivision Construction Procedures

Vision Plan for New Philadelphia

Winter Holiday Parade Registration

Zoning Procedure

Parks & Recreation

City Park Regulations

Tuscora Park Map

Police Department

Emergency Call List Form

Parade/Block Party/Assemblages Permit

Vacation / Security Request Form

Public Hearing & Notices

Certification of Determination of Subsequent Exemption for a Categorical Exclusion Project

Public Safety

Dover Dam Evacuation Plan


2019 Tuscarawas County Recycling News & Guide

Service Director's Office

Flood Hazard Application

Tuscarawas County Fair Housing Program

Fair Housing Brochure

Fair Housing Rights and Responsibilities Brochure

Ohio Regional Development Corporation Fair Housing Brochure

Tuscarawas County Landlord - Tenant Brochure

Vital Statistics

Birth/Death Certificate Application

Request for Approval for Electronic Death Certificate

Wastewater Management

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Program Flyer

Waste Water & Homeowner's Information Guide

Waste Water, 1st Town Days Poster Contest

Wastewater Treatment Fact Sheet

Wastewater Treatment Flow Chart

Wastewater Treatment Processes

Water Department

2020 - 2025 Water & Sewer Rate Increase

Application for Water, Sewer & Sanitation

Direct Payment Cancellation Form

Direct Payment Enrollment Form

Online eBills & Payment FAQs

Regulations on Water and/or Sewer Service Outside Corporation

Tap On and Miscellaneous Fees

Water Quality Report

Why Is My Water Bill So High

Water Treatment Plant / Maintenance

Bulk Water Air Gap Requirement

Water Treatment Data

Water Treatment Diagram

Water Treatment Flow Chart